Surrounding Signifiers is the blanket name for Thomas Wendt's work, which includes a mix of independent scholarship, design facilitation, training, speaking, and teaching. 

My design skills span across facilitation, design education, human-centered design, systemic design, design research, sensemaking, design theory, sustainability, and service design. I work with clients to consult on these topics and/or teach the principles and skills involved in rigorous, responsible design practice. The bulk of my work centers around workshop facilitation, but I also take design research and service design projects when there is a good fit.

My research interests include the philosophy of design, ethics and politics of design, sustainability, discursive design, co-operative and participatory design. I frequently teach, write, and speak on these topics at domestic and international conferences, and in academic journals and practitioner publications. I am the author of two books: 1) Design for Dasein, which deals with the relationship between (post)phenomenology, experience design, and design thinking, and 2) Persistent Fools: Cunning Intelligence and the Politics of Design, due to release in June 2017.