Surrounding Signifiers is the blanket name for Thomas Wendt's work, which includes a mix of independent scholarship and design practice. 

My design skills span across facilitation, design education, human-centered design, systemic design, design research, sensemaking, design theory, sustainability, and service design. I work with clients on early stage design research, workshop facilitation, and consulting/advising. See more work experience on LinkedIn.

My research interests include the philosophy of design, ethics and politics of design, sustainability, discursive design, co-operative and participatory design. I frequently teach, write, and speak on these topics at domestic and international conferences, and in academic journals and practitioner publications. I am the author of two books: 1) Design for Dasein, which deals with the relationship between (post)phenomenology, experience design, and design thinking, and 2) Persistent Fools, on reframing the inherent deceptive qualities of design for more ethical and sustainable practice.