Surrounding Signifiers is a design strategy and innovation consultancy for a new breed of nimble, adaptive companies who listen to weak signals, learn, iterate, and design products that solve real problems. 

Research, strategy, and design are not "phases"—they are components of a process that work together and co-construct each other. 

We cannot think about solutions until we understand problems, and we cannot understand problems until we think about solutions. 

Surrounding Signifiers takes a holistic and praxis-driven approach to design, meaning that we rely on theory-driven practice to understand the context of a problem, design solutions, and then determine how those solutions affect the entire system.

The relationship between humans and technology is constantly shifting. We help make sense of it.


Fruitful Scenarios:

A company seeks a deep understanding of how their customers interact with digital products.

An advertising agency wants to explore future trends in interaction design and opportunities for client engagements.

A company has identified a problem space and wants to explore possible solutions.

A digital agency needs help pitching a long term strategy to a client.

A company needs ideas for how to improve their service offering.

A startup needs advice on how to design their first release.