American Express


I was brought in to American Express to work with their Commerce Innovation team, an independent product development and design team. We worked on new mobile experiences based around the brand's core pillars: Travel, Dining, and Entertainment. My role to is to lead all UX Strategy and Research efforts.

Our team focused on solving problems that American Express had not considered at the time. Being a mostly independent team within such a large organization, we often faced difficulties related to proving our value to stakeholders, communicating new ideas, and promoting design thinking as a means of product and service design.

We needed to completely rethink what American Express knew about its customers, which resulted in two major initiatives for design research and strategy: 1) Ongoing user research, and 2) prototype testing. 


User Research

I performed semi-structured interviews with a continuous stream of users, lead collaborative sensemaking workshops to find patterns in research data, and constructed user personas to guide the design process.

Prototype Testing

I worked with interaction designers to build prototypes based on features we needed to test, facilitated weekly rounds of testing, and worked with designers to incorporate new insights into our products.


User Personas

I began creating personas after interviewing about 20 users and constantly updated them based on new research insights. 

Iterative Design

Results from user tests constantly fed the design process.

Cross-Functional Reporting

I was responsible for reporting research results to a wide variety of internal stakeholders.


Noted is a mobile app that helps track places a user wants to eat. It is the first public product launched from this team and incorporated much of the research and strategy work outlined here.