Confidential Client


I worked with a digital agency who sought design research and strategy consulting for one of their pharmaceutical clients. This client was in the process of launching a new prescription drug for heart failure patients. In addition to the drug, they were interested in designing a 12 week aftercare program for patients and caregivers, along with a mobile application to support patient care.


I worked directly with the agency and their client to design the functionality for the mobile application within the context of the aftercare program. We began with qualitative and quantitative research methods—including surveys, interviews, and ethnographic studies—to better understand the unique, nuanced situation of heart failure patients. We discovered that the biggest problems revolved around medication adherence and caregiver communication (in many cases, there were primary caregivers with a network of secondary caregivers). 

I facilitated multiple collaborative design workshops with clients and a partner agency to better understand patient and caregiver contexts, frame the problems we intended on solving, and rapidly ideate solutions. I also managed an interaction designer who designed the first prototypes of the app. Early prototypes focused on health tracking (exercise, medication, diet) and communication facilitation between multiple caregivers. Some of the documentation we presented included user personas, experience maps, flow diagrams, strategic launch plan, and wireframes. 


As with many pharmaceutical projects, the iron fist of the FDA determined that another round of trials was needed before the drug can be approved. The project is on hold until completion of those approvals.