Smoking cessation programs are largely unsuccessful. Despite the obvious reason of nicotine being so addictive, I believe that we can design better systems to help smokers quit. Cessation programs often assume that every smoker has the same experience and that the same messaging tactics will work on everyone. This is simply not the case.


Spyre is a mobile application that uses insights from context-aware design, behavioral psychology, and smoking cessation research to deliver highly personalized support via the mobile device. 

The project was born out of my own quitting process and dissatisfaction with current cessation programs, which take a very broad view of the problem; they do not account for contextual variation and key triggers in a smoker's life. Spyre is designed to acknowledge the inherent complexity of quitting, human behavior, and context.


I began with a few rounds of user testing to validate my hypothesis that quitting is highly variable among individuals. I mapped the quitting process, documented emotional associations with smoking, and accounted for as many variables as I could. The result was a system designed to deliver personalized support at the times people need it most.

I am responsible for product strategy, research, and interaction design. I worked with a UI designer and front end developer to build out a prototype and am now seeking to partner with an iOS developer to complete the product.

Below are a wireframe of the home screen along with the fully designed prototype version.


Spyre - home.png
Spyre iphone.png