Persistent Fools

My latest book, Persistent Fools, deals with cunning intelligence and the politics of design. I am arguing for more strategic use of trickery in order to take power back from corporate design interests. 

Design for Dasein

My first book is Design for Dasein, which focuses on the relationship between design thinking, experience design, and the human experience. Read the full description on the Design for Dasein website.

Book Chapters

"A Phenomenological Approach to Understanding of Information and its Objects" - Reframing Information Architecture 

"Arational Design: Toward a Non-Dualist Design Philosophy" - Advancements in the Philosophy of Design


"Information Cartilage: On the Role of IA in Context-Aware Intelligent Systems Design" - Journal of Information Architecture

"Dasein and the Paradox of Design" -


Radical Design and Radical Sustainability - EPIC

Empathy as Faux-Ethics - EPIC

"Questioning Implicit Linearity" - Core77

"Coming to Terms with Intangible Design" - UX Magazine

"Designing for Transparency and the Myth of the Modern Interface" - UX Magazine

"Internet of Things and the Work of the Hands" - UX Magazine

"Intention and Interpretations: Does the Designer’s Intention Matter?" - UX Booth

"Semiotics and the Interface" - Semionaut