I speak at conferences and salons across the world on topics related to design, philosophy, and technology. Specifically, I can talk about my first book, second book, and/or something related to my research interests:

  • Design philosophy
  • Sustainability
  • Ethical and political dimensions of design
  • Design and activism
  • Participatory design 
  • The role of cunning intelligence 
  • Technology and design criticism
  • Design and the Anthropocene 

My presentations are always provocative and theoretically informed. Please fill out the contact form to book a speaking engagement.



Past Presentations

Information Architecture Summit - San Diego

Information Architecture Summit - Vancouver

Interaction14 - Amsterdam

Interaction17 - NYC

Interaction18 - Lyon

UX Cambridge - Cambridge

Midwest UX - Grand Rapids

DATA 2014 - Pittsburgh

Collaborate Bristol - Bristol

IXDA Oslo - Oslo

HIVE - Seattle

EuroIA - Amsterdam


Lean UX 2013 - NYC

Lean UX 2014 - NYC

Lean UX 2015 - NYC

Lean Strategy and Design - NYC

Pitney Bowes Innovation Day - Stamford

FutureM - Boston

NY State Innovation Summit - Albany

IxDA Big Apple Redux - NYC

Webvisions - Portland

Relating Systems Thinking and Design - Toronto


Persistent Fools: Cunning Intelligence and the Politics of Design

This is a talk based on my second book by the same name. It discusses the relationship between design and deception, along with the use of cunning intelligence to work toward more sustainable design practices.


Critique of Human Centered Design, Or, Decentering Design

I gave this talk for the first time at Interaction 17 as a way to challenge some of the principles of HCD, especially around the role of paradox, politics, and capitalism in design practice. Slides.


Design for Dasein: Understanding the Design of Experiences

This presentation is based on my book, Design for Dasein, which explores the relationship between phenomenology and design. Slides


Design for Dasein: What Philosophy Class Taught You About Design

This talk is an early version of the one above and was presented at Interactoin 14 in Amsterdam. Slides


Philosophy of Lean: Toward a Phenomenological Understanding of Lean

This talk represents preliminary thoughts on the application of phenomenological philosophy to lean product innovation. Slides


Finding the There There: theory and praxis of location-aware systems

The goals for the presentation are to 1) use theories of context and embodied interaction to examine the ways our conceptions of space and place have evolved, 2) illustrate new complexities of location-aware mobile design, and 3) suggest some new theoretical frameworks for thinking about designing location-aware systems. Slides


The Broken Worldview of Experience Design

I gave this presentation at Collaborate Bristol. It deals with fundamental assumptions that experience designers make about the world, and presents alternate ways of looking at experience design. Inspiration for the talk comes from research completed for Design for Dasein. Slides


Arational Design

This presentation is a condensed version of a paper by the same name. It argues that design, despite its best efforts, tends to position itself as a rationalist practice, which leads to unsustainable design methods, reductionism in design theory, and a lack of sufficient self-care. Slides

An Architectural Critique of Connected Utopias

This talk provides a critical perspective on the Internet of Things, arguing that the utopian promise of connected utopias serve Capital over people. Slides


Information Cartilage: Context, Intelligent Systems, and IA

This presentation introduces a phenomenological understanding of how information organization evolved from modernism to postmodernism to...whatever era we're in now. It is based on a paper published in the Journal of Information Architecture and first presented at the Information Architecture Summit 2014. Slides Audio


Design Thinking: Beyond the Bounds of Your Own Head

This talk covers some basics of Design Thinking as they pertain to the externalization of ideas through empathy, problem framing, ideation, and prototyping. I look at what it means to "get out of your own head" while designing. Slides


An Introduction to Lean UX

This talk is a collaboration between Will Evans and myself. It covers tenets of Lean User Experience within the context of knowledge work and sensemaking. Slides