Below is some information about public classes I have designed and taught. 


Long Form Teaching

My long form classes deal with various aspects of experience design, from research and strategy to information architecture and critique. I have taught an introduction to experience design class on three occasions, each of which includes 12 weeks of coursework and a final project.

Short Form Teaching

I teach human centered design methods through great organizations such as The Design Gym and Luma Institute.

Curriculum Development

I have developed curriculum for multiple continuing education programs in NYC aimed at teaching components of design adult students.


Student Testimonials

"In addition to sharing valuable UXD knowledge during our lectures, you provided lots of insightful, constructive, actionable feedback that helped me apply user design concepts to my final project. I saw great improvement in my user flows and wireframes after our office hour meetings." Amanda Del Balso - Senior Digital Marketing and Advertising Account Manager, Google

"This class helped me approach my marketing projects from a new, more intelligent perspective. Being able to see things from the user's point of view—and understanding what to do with all of that information—elevates my day to day account management work to more high level, user-driven marketing design, enabling me to do better work for my client and my agency." Sarah Nadler - Client Services, AKQA

"I did a 4 month intensive at GA for UX Design basics conducted by Thomas. It was a great hands-on beginners course and a definite step to dive deep into UX Design methodologies. Thomas was always rich with content to guide us through the process and a great go-to resource. I would love to take another workshop with him. A.S. - Design & Marketing Consultant

"I just wanted to say thank you again for the class and all your help over these past couple months. You're a wonderful teacher and I'd definitely recommend your class to anyone interested in this field." Donna Rickles - UX Designer, F#