I have developed and facilitated over 100 design workshops for clients and the public. Below are some common topics, which can always be customized to unique needs. 

Design Thinking

Learn how to implement design thinking in a variety of situations. This workshop covers research methods, design synthesis, ideation, and prototyping.

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Product and Service Ideation

Do away with terrible brainstorming sessions by learning structured creativity to generate ideas and critiquing methods to prioritize them.

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Design Research Methods

Design research gives purpose to great ideas. Without it, we're just guessing. Learn methods for understanding user needs in this workshop.

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If your team has heaps of research laying around, but you're not sure what it all means, this is the workshop for you. We'll make sense of it all.

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Experience Mapping

Learn methods for understanding experiences and mapping them visually. This workshop is great for understanding complex services.

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Introduction to Experience Design

This survey class is aimed at teaching the basics of user experience design. Participants will get an introduction to the language, process, and deliverables of UX.

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Participant Testimonials


Thomas cuts through the fluff to teach design thinking in a practical, approachable manner. He sets a foundation of theory and quickly translate those concepts into hands-on problem solving approaches that are useful for a wide range of problems both in and out of the workplace. Take his course. Sean R. - Analyst, Luminary Labs

This class helped me approach my marketing projects from a new, more intelligent perspective. Being able to see things from the user's point of view—and understanding what to do with all of that information—elevates my day to day account management work to more high level, user-driven marketing design, enabling me to do better work for my client and my agency. Sarah N. -Client Services, AKQA

Thomas’ approach to teaching design thinking is a beautiful mix between experience and his love for philosophy. He fosters creative thinking while empowering his students with a robust toolkit of design thinking principles, real-world applications, and an understanding of how psychology and philosophy have influenced design thinking into what we know it as today. The result is a beautifully blended understanding of design thinking that gave me a solid foundation for applying design thinking in almost any environment or situation. Chris R. - Lead Experience Designer, Capital One

The practical focus that Thomas applied from his collection of methodologies to a real world problem/client were highly useful. I found this approach highly enjoyable, and that stems from Thomas’s willingness to teach people each step of the way. Geoffrey Z. - Entrepreneur


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