Design Thinking

There are a lot of perspectives and definitions of design thinking, but I tend to think of it as both 1) a cognitive practice—thinking like a designer, which is different from other styles of thinking; and 2) an approach to human-centered design that aims to uncover previously unmet and unarticulated needs with the end goal of creating more preferable futures. My approach to design thinking goes beyond contemporary phases and methods, focusing equally on mindset, principles, and history.

This workshop will cover the roots of design thinking and more contemporary iterations in design practice. Participants work in small groups to learn design principles and practice methods.


  • Thorough understanding of the theory and practice of design thinking
  • Principles and mindsets that lay the foundation for design work
  • Design methods to use for understanding people, making sense of research, creative ideation, and validation

Note: I also offer workshops in Design Research Methods, Sensemaking, and Ideation and Brainstorming, which provide deeper focus on those particular areas.