Experience Mapping

Experience mapping is a methodology for understanding and visualizing the step-by-step process of an experiences. Mapping an experience allows team members understand the nuances of behavior and gain insight about where things go wrong. The notion of “experience” is deceptively simple; most experiences we believe to be simple are actually quite complex. We need a map to navigate that complexity. 

This workshop guides teams through the process of understanding an experience from beginning to end, and communicating progression to others. It focuses particularly on experience mapping as a design tool, as opposed to service design as a larger practice. Participants work in teams to learn about an experience, deconstruct it down to component parts, map the steps, identify where the experience breaks down, and surface opportunities to improve it through products and services. 


  • Methods for framing the whole of an experience as well as its parts
  • Techniques for identifying gaps in an experience
  • Insight into what makes up an "experience" and how to visualize it
  • Storytelling skills 
  • Design principles to guide decision making
  • Areas of opportunity for future design projects