Ideation and Brainstorming

Brainstorms are usually not terribly exciting or productive. This is no secret. Often, the expectation is to jam a bunch of people into a room, give them an overly-simplified problem statement, and expect them to come up with genius ideas in an hour. It almost never happens that way. 

This workshop teaches methods for ideation and brainstorming with structured creativity, which aims to allow for the expression of ideas within strategically-utilized constraints. Participants work in small teams to articulate and refine a problem space, rapidly ideate many possible solutions, sketch ideas, negotiate features, pitch solution narratives, and critique one another to prioritize and make choices. 


  • Appreciation for how design constraints can lead to more innovative ideas
  • Strategies for how to use divergent and convergent thinking 
  • Creativity and decision making models
  • Methods for presenting and critiquing design work
  • Facilitation skills for leading ideation sessions