Sustainable Design

Sustainability is no longer simply about recycling your plastic bottles or carpooling. It is not about saving the environment; it is about saving ourselves. Design has played a large part in some of the more unsavory aspects of modern life: global warming, waste, unchecked consumerism, exploitation, inequality, etc. But design also holds the key to improving our situation. Design has the capacity to create preferable futures if we can learn to incorporate sustainable practices into design methods.

This workshop focuses on what sustainable design and design ethics mean for the modern designer by pulling from sustainability studies, design theory, and social critique. We will explore the role of sustainability in design, how to balance sustainability with hard business requirements, and how to critique design decisions based on their ethical implications.


  • Overview of the theory and practice of sustainable design
  • Frameworks for making ethical design decisions
  • Insight on how to incorporate sustainability concerns into one's current design practice